Ryan Hanseler Trio+1
We are a New Orleans based band with a recently-released live album, Live at Snug.

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I would like to introduce myself and my group: I am pianist Ryan Hanseler and my group is simply, the Ryan Hanseler Trio + 1. The "+1" refers to our frequent collaboration with award-winning vocalist, Gabrielle Cavassa (winner of 2021 Sarah Vaughan competition). Our trio simultaneously serves as the rhythm section for Ms.Cavassa which makes for an easy transition between the two formats.

About the band: We are a New Orleans based band with a recently-released live album, Live at Snug. This album was recorded live at Snug Harbor in New Orleans just before the start of the pandemic. Since then, work has of course been slim, with our most recent performances being held at the New Orleans Jazz Museum on October 21'st 2021 and Snug Harbor for our album release on November 11'th 2021.Our inspiration and focus: Our music is inspired by modern New Orleans musicians such as Ellis Marsalis, Herlin Riley, Harold Battiste, James Black and of course a very well known, non-New Orleanian, the great Thelonious Monk; Unbeknownst to many outside of New Orleans, the music of Thelonious Monk has greatly influenced the works of the city's more modern writers and musicians.

Combined with a reverence for the early pioneers , Baby Dodds, Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong and others, these sounds are all captured by our group, and are embodied in the spirit and approach taken by each of us in the band: Bassist; Lex Warshawsky, Drummer; Peter Varnado; Gabrielle Cavassa, and myself, Pianist Ryan Hanseler.

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