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Some of the issues users have, are anticipated by the little explanatory pop-up screens you’ll see on every new screen you open. If you don’t see those or if you’ve selected “don’t show this again” in one of those pop-ups, please reactivate them by clearing your browser cache.

Please read through the questions that reached us and that we’ve answered already. We will add more questions and awnsers as time goes by. Maybe that will answer your question and/or solve the issue you have. If not, please email us your question/remark/bug report or issue you are having on our website to: We will reply with an answer as soon as we can.

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Can everybody that visit's MusIQ365 see my profile page and it's contents?

In this stage of the process your page is only visible for the purpose of selecting bands for participation in the event that invited you to create a page. However, if you share the link (URL) of your representation on MusIQ365, the 'profile'-tab of your page will be visible. To also view and have access to the information that you've placed in the 'back stage'-tab, the visitor needs to create an account first and needs your permission to view that info

Will our profile page on MusIQ365 be deleted after the selection process for this event ends?

No, unless you want to (you can delete it at any time). Keeping it live (and improve it every time you have new recordings/video's etc) will make your band visible after the beta phase of MusIQ365's release to all the bookers and concert organizers that use MusIQ365 to scout bands. We will inform you first, before we go public.

We are creating a profile now, but we don't have all the files requested (like a stage plan, or high res press pictures) available yet. Is that a problem?

Not at all! In this stage of the process all we need from you is your best audio/video material you have, a catchy tag line (pitch) and your band's biography and who is in it. Only after the programming committee of the event selects you for the next stage, all that other info becomes relevant. We will let you know when that is.

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